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NSW TrainLink

NSW TrainLink

AQUAS has been providing Lead Auditing services in safety compliance and risk control for NSW TrainLink Safety Management System. The audits have assessed compliance and effectiveness of existing processes and risk controls for various Business Units within the NSW TrainLink directorates.

Sydney Trains

Sydney Trains

Safety, Environmental, Quality and Risk (SEQR) Auditing Services

Roads & Maritime Services Audit Panel

Roads & Maritime Services, NSW

Provision of auditing services for the conduct of quality, safety and environmental audits throughout NSW on behalf of RMS.  These audits were generally conducted as an integrated audit with one report being produced thus streamlining the process and increasing the efficiency of auditing.  Audits conducted include the Pacific Highway Upgrade,…

Transport for NSW Audit Panel

Transport for NSW

Quality, safety, rail safety, environmental, procurement, commissioning, time management, risk and operational readiness auditing including TfNSW specifications, contractual conditions, legislation and project planning.

SAI Global Subcontract Auditing

SAI Global

To date, AQUAS have undertaken over 70 audits for SAI Global covering Pre-Qualification Audits, Environmental Certification audits, Integrated Surveillance audits and Certification audits.  These audits are carried out on the Sub-Contractors used by SAI Global to undertake their works.

Sydney Water

Sydney Water Corporation

Conduct of Quality Audits and WHS site inspections to assess the Contractor performance on behalf of Sydney Water for the Waterfix Program, Toilet Replacement Scheme and BizFix Program.  The scope of services also included telephone audits for the installation process.

Royal North Shore Hospital

InfraShore Consortium

Since commencement in 2009, AQUAS has conducted second party audits at the Royal North Shore Hospital and Community Health Services redevelopment project.

Roma – Brisbane Pipeline Design Review

APA Group

AQUAS has been reviewing and certifying the operation of the Roma-Brisbane and Carpentaria Gas Pipelines on behalf of the APA Group since 2003.  The Roma-Brisbane (RBP) pipeline system consists of two separate pipelines being a DN250 line constructed in 1969 and a DN400 line that has been constructed over the…

Roads & Maritime Services Environmental Management Review Panel

Roads & Maritime Services, NSW

Where required, RMS selects from this panel an auditor to join the RMS audit team to cover environmental management system and process compliance of ongoing construction projects.
Among the recent and ongoing RMS projects where AQUAS was engaged as environmental auditors are the following:

Reliance Rail

Reliance Rail

Reliance Rail have been contracted to supply and maintain about 80 suburban passenger Waratah rail car sets for the Sydney Metropolitan Rail Network. Operational activities are undertaken by Downer EDI, and include the operation of the Auburn Maintenance Facility.