AQUAS - Auditing


Management Representative Services

As the Management Representative on a project, AQUAS is able to provide personnel with the capability and skill to communicate with all parties and stakeholders involved allowing for an effective demonstration of compliance against project requirements. From the Client's Representative, Project Director and Project Manager to the workers, and as well as community groups and regulatory authorities.

Our specialist personnel can work with key project stakeholders to develop appropriate process control, monitoring and verification systems.

We can either directly implement these systems or can provide on going reviews and compliance verification services.

Projects where AQUAS has a Management Representative role include:

  • Parramatta Interchange Project (Environmental)
  • Cross City Tunnel Project (Quality)

Environmental Management Representative

The role of an Environmental Management Representative (EMR) is a key component to ensuring compliance with the nominated conditions of approval for a project.

As an EMR for a project, our roles may include:

  • Reviewing, monitoring and auditing the Contractor's implementation of their Environmental Management System for the project
  • Advising the Client of Contractor compliance with the specified scope of works and other conditions
  • Regular physical monitoring of the works through site surveillance
  • Ensuring any environmental issues are identified and resolved with appropriate action taken to prevent recurrence
  • Preparing monthly reports for the Client
  • Being present onsite during critical construction activities
  • Attending community liaison group meetings

For each project, we will develop a Project Plan that identifies the key management criteria and ensure all personnel assisted the designated EMR operate in a consistent and compliance manner.

As EMR we adopt a pre-active review of future works to confirm that the project personnel and their nominated contractor have addressed key criteria to manage to ensure on going compliance with the conditions of approval.