ROC Infrastructure

Sydney Trains

AQUAS provided Safety, Quality and Environmental advice, planning and audit services for the Rail Operations Centre (ROC) Infrastructure Project. AQUAS conducted weekly SEQ Inspections  at the Alexandria site and Consultation Services during the two year construction phase of the project.

Environmental Sustainability Unit (ESU)

NSW Department of Infrastructure - ESU

AQUAS has been developing a Quality Management System for the NSW Department of Infrastructure – Environmental Sustainability Unit (ESU) based on ISO 9001:2015 requirements including a QMS Manual, system procedures and registers. Continued work has been undertaken on reviews and preparation of additional QMS documents for ESU, a Maitland based…

Sydney Light Rail

Transport for NSW

AQUAS has been fulfilling the role of Independent Environmental Representative for the construction of the Sydney Light Rail. Regular OOH and ECM reviews are undertaken as well as site inspections to assess compliance and endorse environmental control.

NSW TrainLink

NSW TrainLink

AQUAS has been providing Lead Auditing services in safety compliance and risk control for NSW TrainLink Safety Management System. The audits have assessed compliance and effectiveness of existing processes and risk controls for various Business Units within the NSW TrainLink directorates.

Sydney Trains

Sydney Trains

Safety, Environmental, Quality and Risk (SEQR) Auditing Services


Sydney Trains, Dept of Defence, Transgrid, ACT Governmentt, Dept of Science & Technology (Brisbane)

AQUAS is pleased to announce it has been awarded various Panel positions with the above companies. Our work includes Safety Management, Internal Audits, WHS, Quality, Safety and Environmental Audits.

Roads & Maritime Services Audit Panel

Roads & Maritime Services, NSW

Provision of auditing services for the conduct of quality, safety and environmental audits throughout NSW on behalf of RMS.  These audits were generally conducted as an integrated audit with one report being produced thus streamlining the process and increasing the efficiency of auditing.  Audits conducted include the Pacific Highway Upgrade,…

Richmond Line EMR

Transport for NSW

AQUAS undertook the role of monitoring environmental system implementation through review of documentation that reflected the Conditions of Approval, Alliance Agreement and specific TfNSW control requirements, maintained effective dialogue with all levels of the Alliance and interaction with the community.

Weir Minerals Management System

Weir Minerals Multiflo

AQUAS developed and managed the quality management system. Procedures and forms were amended as required to meet the Standard requirements. AQUAS ensured that the current work practices, procedures and forms were used as basis for development of quality system. AQUAS used the existing system documentation as starting point base. The…

Transport for NSW Audit Panel

Transport for NSW

Quality, safety, rail safety, environmental, procurement, commissioning, time management, risk and operational readiness auditing including TfNSW specifications, contractual conditions, legislation and project planning.