TfNSW (Roads & Maritime Services) Audit Panel

TfNSW - Roads & Maritime Services, NSW

Provision of auditing services for the conduct of quality, safety and environmental audits throughout NSW on behalf of TfNSW (former RMS).  These audits were generally conducted as an integrated audit with one report being produced thus streamlining the process and increasing the efficiency of auditing.  Audits conducted include the Pacific…

Richmond Line EMR

Transport for NSW

AQUAS undertook the role of monitoring environmental system implementation through review of documentation that reflected the Conditions of Approval, Alliance Agreement and specific TfNSW control requirements, maintained effective dialogue with all levels of the Alliance and interaction with the community.

Weir Minerals Management System

Weir Minerals Multiflo

AQUAS developed and managed the quality management system. Procedures and forms were amended as required to meet the Standard requirements. AQUAS ensured that the current work practices, procedures and forms were used as basis for development of quality system. AQUAS used the existing system documentation as starting point base. The…

Transport for NSW Audit Panel

Transport for NSW

Quality, safety, rail safety, environmental, procurement, commissioning, time management, risk and operational readiness auditing including TfNSW specifications, contractual conditions, legislation and project planning.

SAI Global Subcontract Auditing

SAI Global

To date, AQUAS have undertaken over 70 audits for SAI Global covering Pre-Qualification Audits, Environmental Certification audits, Integrated Surveillance audits and Certification audits.  These audits are carried out on the Sub-Contractors used by SAI Global to undertake their works.

The Star, Pyrmont

The Star

WHS Consultant responsible for safety during construction and commissioning including the approval, inspection and monitoring of all Star projects, through DSA tool (Disruption / Shutdown Application).

TransGrid Beaconsfield West Refurbishment

TransGrid Ltd

Beaconsfield Substation was completed in November 2013 and represents one of the most technically challenging projects undertaken in the industry. The project has played significant role in ensuring the continued reliable supply of power to Australia’s largest city, and has showcased the local engineering talent on a global scale. This…


Techni-Clean Pty Ltd

AQUAS reviewed and updated Techni-Clean Quality Management Systems in order to maintain the certification against AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

Sydney Water

Sydney Water Corporation

Conduct of Quality Audits and WHS site inspections to assess the Contractor performance on behalf of Sydney Water for the Waterfix Program, Toilet Replacement Scheme and BizFix Program.  The scope of services also included telephone audits for the installation process.