APA Directlink Management Systems Audit

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The Directlink Joint Venture (DJV) is an Australian partnership which operates and maintains the Directlink network assets. The DJV partners are 100 percent owned by Energy Infrastructure Investments (EII) and are registered as code participants within the National Electricity Market (NEM). APA Group (“APA”) manages and maintains Directlink for EII and is a shareholder in EII.

Directlink is an 180MW capacity High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line in New South Wales. Directlink is completely within NSW but effectively transfers power from the Queensland power system to the NSW power system. The converter stations are located at Bungalora and Mullumbimby in NSW. 

AQUAS conducted a gap analysis on Quality Management Systems as per ISO 9001:2008 at APA Group office in Brisbane and included a visit to the converter location at Mullumbimby.

Type of Service

Quality Management System Audit

Scope of Service

The scope of the audit included the following:

  • A critical examination of the systems and procedures, which exist in order to operate and maintain the facility for the purpose for which it was designed, including a review of the documentation systems and records of operational history 
  • A review of the facility and equipment, instrumentation and control systems, protection systems etc
  • A review of the systems and factors pertaining to personnel, including organisation (formal, emergency, tasks and roles), safety, methods and procedures, knowledge and skills (operator and maintenance employee training; ability to recognise faults and take corrective action) and attitudes towards tasks (whether the systems are functioning effectively)
  • An inspection of the facility to determine the effectiveness of the maintenance measures