Gladstone Ports


2012 - Current

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) is managing the dredging of Gladstone Harbour under the Western Basin Dredging and Offshore/Onshore Disposal Project which is intended to create a shipping channel to be utilised by LNG proponents on Curtis Island. The principal dredging contractor is a joint venture between Van Ord (Australia) Pty Ltd and Dredging International (Australia) Pty Ltd (VODI). A significant portion of the dredge material would be deposited in the Western Basin Reclamation Area (WBRA). GPC likewise has approval to deposit a portion of the dredge material to an offshore disposal site, the East Banks Sea Disposal Site (EBSDS).

AQUAS are auditing the Gladstone Ports Corp (GPC) Western Basin Dredging Project on a quarterly basis for compliance with the environmental management plans and statutory approvals, including the DERM Permit SPDE01611411 and the Coordinator-General’s Conditions of Approval.  AQUAS’ audit reports are posted on the Gladstone Ports Corporation website.

A separate audit is also carried out quarterly for compliance with the Acid Sulfate Soil Management Plan for the project. In addition, GPC has also commissioned AQUAS to carry out compliance audits of smaller dredging projects associated with the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal, which will be operated in the future by GPC.

Type of Service

Environmental Auditing

Scope of Service

Quarterly Audits of environmental compliance for dredging and offshore disposal