Lane Cove Tunnel Management Systems


2008 - Current

Lane Cove Tunnel Project comprises the 3.6km of dual tunnels between Epping Road/M2 Motorway at Lane Cove River and the Gore Hill Freeway, the complementary ventilation system and vent stacks. LCT-MRE is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Motorway and to maintain and repair the Third Party Works.

AQUAS conducts the annual audit on the Quality, Work Health Safety and Environmental Management System of LCT MRE and its Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Contractors Services. The aim of the audit is to confirm that both LCT MRE and Contractors Services O&M Manuals are in accordance with RMS standards Q6, G36 and G22, which reference AS/NZS ISO 9001, AS/NZS ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 respectively. The review process also assess whether the Management System has been implemented throughout all aspects of the O&M activities.