My Thuan Bridge, Vietnam

Management Systems


Design and construction of the My Thuan Bridge has been a co-operative venture between the Australian and Vietnamese governments.  The bridge was constructed over a period of 33 months and involved over 300 Australian and 1,500 Vietnamese workers.

The 1,560m My Thuan Bridge spans the Tien Giang River, a branch of the mighty Mekong, and replaces struggling local ferry services which carried over 35,000 passengers each day.  The bridge now provides a crucial link in Vietnam’s Highway 1 and a direct channel for markets and services for 16 million people living in the Mekong Delta.

AQUAS was engaged by AusAid to provide advice regarding the approach to be taken to effectively implement quality systems on the project. We followed this up by conducting regular audits of the quality management systems implemented by the head contractor (Baulderstone Hornibrook) and various Australian and local sub-contractors. These audits presented particular challenges because of the relative lack of experience of local construction firms, the difficult foundation conditions at the site and the overall size and complexity of the project.

Importantly, one of the major aims of the project was to develop Vietnamese skills and capacity to design, construct and manage local infrastructure.  AQUAS is proud to have been involved in this process.