Roma – Brisbane Pipeline Design Review


2003 - Current

AQUAS has been reviewing and certifying the operation of the Roma-Brisbane and Carpentaria Gas Pipelines on behalf of the APA Group since 2003.  The Roma-Brisbane (RBP) pipeline system consists of two separate pipelines being a DN250 line constructed in 1969 and a DN400 line that has been constructed over the last 15 years.  These pipelines join shorter sections of pipeline of DN200 and DN300 in the Brisbane area.

The DN250 pipeline was commissioned in 1969 using American Standards of the day.  Subsequent pipeline construction has been to the applicable Australian Standards (AS1697) and the relevant versions of AS2885.  The Peat Lateral is a later DN250 installation.

In 2008, AQUAS conducted an audit of the implementation of the Design Life Review (DLR) process for the Pipeline Licence 2 for the older DN200, DN250 and DN300 sections of the RBP.

The objective of the audit process was to independently verify implementation of the Design Life Review developed by APA Group with evidence of understanding of the requirements as per Section 8.5 of AS2885 Part 3.

Issues raised as a result of this audit were addressed by the Pipeline Owner as part of the completion of the Design Life Review process.