TransGrid Beaconsfield West Refurbishment

Management Systems


Beaconsfield Substation was completed in November 2013 and represents one of the most technically challenging projects undertaken in the industry. The project has played significant role in ensuring the continued reliable supply of power to Australia’s largest city, and has showcased the local engineering talent on a global scale. This project was the world’s first major in-situ GIS substation replacement, with the final product being the largest 132kV GIS substation in the southern hemisphere.

The redevelopment of Beaconsfield West Substation is a major investment to secure the power supply of Sydney’s inner metropolitan area and central business district for the future.

The project had many environmental challenges, ranging from the contaminated site, heritage, noise, aesthetics, oil containment, fugitive gas emissions and electromagnetic radiation. AQUAS had conducted a total of 102 environmental inspections/audits on this project.

Type of Service

Environmental Representative

Scope of Service

Environmental Management Representative (EMR) monitor and report on the project’s compliance with the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) and relevant environmental legislation and implementation of the Construction Environmental Management Plan and its associated sub-plans.