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AQUAS has been involved in the development of Quality Management Systems since 1994. Since that time there have been numerous evolutions and revolutions in the approach to quality. There is a need to constantly appraise system requirements against the needs of the organisation. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated in the process of obtaining certification of our own quality system to the new standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016.

Since inception, AQUAS has assisted well over 50 organisations to develop quality systems at both a process and project level.

Our involvement in the audit process enables us to examine and determine trends in system development, which are in turn reflected in our own quality system. The AQUAS system forms the model for all systems developed by AQUAS and ensures that our clients have the very latest in innovative thinking.

AQUAS is a recognised leader in the provision of second party quality system audits, and since 1992 we have conducted thousands of audits at over 500 sites both in Australia and Overseas.

The auditing role provides us with a continuing insight into the application of quality processes. This has reinforced in us the need to be pragmatic in the design of systems so that they reflect what people do and provide positive guidance to enable compliance with requirements.