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Management Systems

System Manual

AQUAS can either develop a system based on a specific requirement (Quality, Safety, Environmental, Industrial Relations, Risk Management and Records Management) or develop an Integrated Management System that addresses the full needs of the organisation in one complete document. 

Regardless of the type of system required, we believe that it must be designed to suit the needs of the organisation, as well as compliance with all elements of a required Standard. AQUAS has been developing process-based systems since 1998. Our own management system manual reflects this philosophy. 

Procedures should be developed to reflect the operational requirements of the organisation. To facilitate this process AQUAS have developed a range of documents which reflects the experience of AQUAS in establishing management systems across a range of industry sectors, as well as observations from the literally hundreds of audits conducted by AQUAS. 

AQUAS’ procedures outline fundamentals of the process, including the necessary operating systems as the basis for management practice; these processes can be illustrated in simple flowcharts. AQUAS have consistently found that flowcharted procedures are the most effective and foolproof way of presenting procedures. It is easy for staff to "lose track" of the crucial activities they should perform when reading pages and pages of descriptive text which are not related to the order of the process. Flowcharts are quicker to read, easier to understand and simpler to modify.