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Management Systems

Workplace Health, Safety and Rehabilitation (WHS)

WHS systems require a systematic approach to hazard identification and risk assessment which will ensure all foreseeable hazards are identified as well as a comprehensive process of consultation and communication to ensure all those involved in a process are made aware of the identified hazards and the control measures to be taken. WHS system development requires a practical application of knowledge and experience to ensure that control measures developed can be implemented.

At AQUAS we have developed a practical approach to implementing safety systems through the development of site management plans that work, based on sound risk assessment and the development of industry recognised control measures. This, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the safety standards and legislation, ensures that an organisation can demonstrate due diligence in the operation of their safety system.

AQUAS can also assist in the conduct of risk assessments and the development of Safe Work Method Statements. AQUAS can design and implement training programmes for general industry, task and site specific inductions.

AQUAS has assisted many organisations to develop effective WHS management systems that have been tailored to suit the type of work and personnel that are unique to every organisation.

AQUAS has been providing WHS system audits since 1997 either as stand-alone audits or as integrated audits.